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PT. PENGSULINDO was established in beginning of 2003 and operate with the solid organization to carry out consulting, design and technical service in the field of industrial automation and hospital engineering.

Company mission and commitment :
The company’s management team comprises experienced and qualified personel has the commitment to provide the customer´s satisfaction with competent advice, engineering and through its excellent products supporting. The experienced and dynamic management team is complemented by pool of specialized and well-trained technicians to undertake various jobs and assignments. We have developed customize requirement for industrial application and health care facility  to meet evolving needs.

Our product lines are

  1. A-Isometer
  2. Isolating Transformer
  3. Fault Locator Device
  4. Residual Current Monitor Device
  5. Special Design for Medical Power Outlet
  6. Grounding & Equipotential System
  7. Voltage relay & monitoring
  8. Current relay & monitoring
  9. System Monitoring via Gateways
  10. Design Panel, Warring, Installation
  11. Design Control Panel with standard HMI (Human Machine Interface)

PT.PENGSULINDO key success factors are cost effective, high quality of product, service performance.